Help with a FPS Twin Stick Shooter

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Hello world! I have an interesting creative-problem - that I hope somebody could help me with.

I am working on a FPS - that I want to behave similar to a twin stick shooter. I am looking for a way to rotate a character’s arm around its shoulder joint - controllable via the right analog stick. Simultaneously - as the player holds onto the trigger - a stream of light will emit out of the player’s hand and dynamically change (think rope spline) depending on the rotational angle and the amount of pressure - this would affect the “beam” dynmaically. (Think Ironman).

Attached is a quick and sloppy video I threw together that hopefully demonstrates this concept.

I am assuming that I need some sort of combination of “Controller Rotation Yaw and Pitch” - and a particle emitter (spawn projectile) that comes out of the player’s hand. I plan on trying to rotate the left shoulder blade using a blendspace - but not sure how to create a complete ragdoll like arm that is controllable via the right analog stick or the mouse.

Thank you so much in advance for any input/help - may the force be with you