Help with 4.6 C++ changes

Hi guys have some problems learning C++ in for UE4 due to the changes in 4.6, i have been following a number of tutorials but they also way end up with me having errors that the tutorial does not have.

The problem im having at the moments is this:

The .cpp

The .h

Any help would be amazing as im really stuck in trying to learn UE4 C++ but just hitting walls because of the changes in the latest version, also any links to the changes to C++ in UE4 would be great to thanks guys. :slight_smile:

if you search for deprecated, you can find all the important changes that might break your code.

LINK2001 means you are missing function definitions.
your header file declares 2 functions that your .cpp file does not define.

try adding this to your Weapon.cpp:

void AWeapon::Fire()
void AWeapon::InstantFire()

Thank you so much worked like a dream :slight_smile: