Help with 3rd person game rolling object

Hi, im trying to make a 3rd person game where my character push a ball so it rolls. But with the physics of the sphere it goes nuts if the character pushes it for to long (it rolls everywhere). If I lock the z axis or the zx it rolls awkwardly and still continue rolling when I stop pushing it.
I know it is probably a stupid question but I really need some help with this freaking ball. TY

Something to do with the acceleration force is slow to start NON realistic… also the breaking value of the ball… its a hard one as the physics of a ball and the ground its on vs the force the character pushes… ill see if i can find something in vid for yah

i got this portion from a billiard ball question may help with the physics side of your vision

“The thing about a linear dampening component is that it never goes to zero. its of the form:
v’ = -av, and its solution is of the form v ~= 1 - e^-at.
You might want to add a constant dampening component by subtracting a very small speed, times the unit vector of your velocity and delta-t, from the velocity every tick. If the delta-v is greater than the velocity, just set the velocity to zero so it doesn’t roll backwards.”