Help with 360 Panorama Videos

Hi guys, hopefully this is in the right place for my post.

I have been trying to create some 360 videos for my projects using the Panoramic Capture Plugin.

I have watched a ton of tutorials and articles about the subject. However, I still have been struggling with an issue and I thought maybe someone had a similar experience or have an idea of what is going on.

The issue I’ve been having is the number of frames rendered for my movie is always inconsistent. The camera walk-through animation I’ve created is 240 frames long. I found out after rendering 4 times using the same parameters that I have a different number of frames every time, never reaching a total of 240 through the animation.

First, I thought everything was set properly so I rendered 8k resolution with 60 FPS and I got 196 out of 240 frames. Later, I switched to 30 FPS and 512 x 256 to speed up the render to test it out, and I got 238, 224, 236, and 235 frames of animation. I also noticed that the first and last frames are very similar to each other, but in between, they drastically change. Meaning that Unreal for some reason is not holding the fps that I am setting up.

Note: I am getting 240 frames every test because I am using “SP.PanoramicMovie 0 240”. However, 238, 224, 236, and 235 are frames from the animation, all other frames are still images from the scene after the animation is over.

  • I am only working with blueprints for now, so I didn’t touch anything on the source code.
  • I am using the command “-usefixedtimestep -fps=30 -notexturestreaming” and Standalone Game version to hold the frames while rendering. Making sure my animation is also set to 30 FPS
  • I have tried the same render sequence using Unreal 4.23.1 and 4.22.3.
  • I tried using Matinee and Sequence for my animation and got the same issue.
  • I tried in two completely different projects and got the same result.

Here is the blueprint I am using: 360 Panorama > | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4

Thank you!