[Help] Will this character work for games?

Hello all, thank you anyone that can answer some of these questions i have, before i continue my work. I’ve only been learning these programs for about 3 months now, the questions i have are below.

  1. Will this work in UE4? (I didn’t follow any tutorials instead i sort of just went with the lines, i see others characters from tutorials and thieve used a lot more subdivide and verts, is that for a reason for gaming, will my modal work just as fine or should i continue learning tutorials for a more verts character?)

2.Face features / eyes / mouth? (The objective of my project is to make a character creation screen, and with this involves a collection of different eyes i have drawn out 2d. I see that most people cut out eyes on there modal and then continuer from there, however i would like to just use my 2d eyes on top of my modal with just the pupil orbit really. The only way i have seen this done, is with rigging a plain that sits on the modules surface. doing it with this method requres me to rig all these eyes out of plains in blender somehow making a collection of them so the user can choose there eye type. Before i continue to use this method and do all this work, is there any other method someone can recommend? Preferably id like to just take the eyes from adobe the 2d ones i drew, and just put them on the mesh in eu4 and have the pupil work somehow. with that being said, i may consider not having a rigged eye and instead just a texture if that make it easier for ue4. what would you recommend?

There is nothing preventing you from using that model, however it will not deform properly when animating it, due to the topology (or the lack of) and edge flow. Look up some tutorials on youtube for what is recommended (example).

As for the eyes thing, there are plenty of ways of doing that in UE4, you can for example have the head be its own material and create a dynamic instance and just switch the face texture based on what’s happening to the character at that moment. You can also have the face be a plane very close to the head (separate object in blender, but parented to the head) and set it up in UE4 as a component that’s attached to the head, and then do the material change thing (will be somewhat similar to what Zelda Wind Waker looks like). You can also make it a sprite and/or flipbook. But I would go with the first solution and dynamic material instance.

No problem. As for the blade thing, they don’t have to be separated objects. In blender create a material, select the grip of the sword, apply material, then create another new material, select the blade part, apply the 2nd material to it. When it’s imported in UE4 it will have 2 material slots to work with. While this does work and is convenient to do, don’t do it on every mesh you have because when there are 500 things in the level and each has multiple material slots, it can have an impact on performance, so do it only where necessary. As for the rest, you can create it all in one master material and use params to modify material instances (such as adding a different texture, increase/decrease emissive value, etc.)