Help Widget Shop Item System

Hi, this day i followed the UMG inventory tutorial, after this, i create with blender a cauldron mesh and i make a blueprint. After this i create a hud which is activated when i enter inside of trigger of cauldron and i press “E”, in my hud there is a button called “buy”, and when i click it the item pop up in my inventory. The item i chose is the same of inventory tutorial, the “can”, but i have a problem in my widget blueprint. When i click “buy” button, in my inventory appear the icon of my can but, when i click it in my inventory and i choose eat can, nothing happens, namely the item disappear but my hp energy and mood do not increase. The same for drop action, the item disappear but but not spawn on the ground.
This is my screen of widget button “Buy” click blueprint. Sorry for my bad potion button click .png

No one can help me?