Help: Widget Palette

Hi All

I have seen plenty of videos on how to make progress bars in widgets. But I just want it to show the Floored Value. Lets say for Money.

Which Palette do I choose.



you need to elaborate more, maybe a screenshot or something describing in more detail what you are trying to do.

from what you’ve said you should be able to actually just use ‘floor’ on the variable you are using or use integer instead of float and you don’t have to floor the dollar value.

gl :wink:


Instead of a Progress bar, I want it to show the number.

Example, instead of this,


I want it to show for example “1245”. to show how much Cash you have.

Thanks for the reply.


then you don’t want a progress bar at all.

just use/ add text block (& check set to variable if it’s not checked already, next to the name in the details box at top)
scroll down in details and click bind to event and the editor should pop you into the graph w/ a node that you can edit/ code as you like.
(if not the button should change to show or go to event, if not just open event graph & you should find it there)

(early in the morning & don’t have the editor open at the moment, so hope my terminology isn’t too off and you get my meaning)

Works perfect

Cheers for your help.