[HELP] Widget only needs refresh some nodes to compile


I’m doing a project and it was everything fine, but yesterday I don’t know why some widget started to fail on compile, it’s about a for loop and the use of that element, but if I just click ‘refresh’ on that node it works (nothing else is changed)

what is happening?
can be some cache file?
what folders can I delete? I deleted intermediate folder but happens anyway.

I put a video showing what happens

Sometimes UE can do weird things.
Try deleting these nodes and recreating them.
Or recreate your widget blueprint that should help

nope, still happens :sob:

but thanks for the answer!

solved with this (4.22) Whenever I open my project, struct is converted to "Fallback Struct" - #2 by Xargaa

I had to mark the variable of the widget with savegame