[HELP] Widget instances, new user.

Hi everyone,

This is my first post, been using UE4 for about - near a month now, quite loving it :slight_smile:

Anyways, so here’s my problem, been trying to figure it out since last week. The scenario is;

a) I have an actor blueprint class that I named crateClass, represent a mesh - just a normal crate.

b) I have a menu created in widget blueprint class that I named actionWidget.

c) I set an event in my crateClass; ‘Actor On Click’ - which, when I click the box, it will ‘Create Widget’ -> ‘Add To Viewport’ (the actionWidget)

d) I have two crates in the game, lets name the first crate as crateA and the second crate is crateB.

e) As expected, when I click crateA, the widget will show up, THEN when I click crateB, the widget will show up too, HOWEVER the widgets are overlapping.

So, what I’m trying to do is; to remove the actionWidget shown (after I clicked - let say crateA) - when I clicked crateB, OR whenever I clicked other boxes (when there’s more than two boxes in the game)

I hope its not so confusing due to lack of screenshot (I’m at work at the moment, sorry xD).

So yeah basically that’s my current problem. Tried a lot of things (gate/vector dif etc) but I failed to solve it :(((

Any helps/tips/advices are so much appreciated.




  1. I’ve made the event create widget to trigger at Event Begin Play in crateClass, and made the created widget (actionWidget) as variable

  2. Now, instead of @onClick event -> Create Widget, it is now : @onClick -> Exec add to view port (actionWidget)


I managed to solve this, and posting it, perhaps it may help other users who experiencing the same problem, thou I’m not certain if my solution is ‘the-right-way’, but for now it works.

  1. onClick -> create a sequence
  2. then 0 -> call all widget class -> actionWidget -> set visibility -> collapse
  3. then 1 -> actionWidget variable -> add to viewport

Now if I click crateB, the widget shown after clicking crateA will be removed/collapsed, then the actionWidget for crateB instance will be called.

You may want to add a simple animation to your widget, for mine - I did slide up to viewport, each time the actionWidget instance added to viewport.