HELP - why is a mod that works in editor's preview crashing when game loads with it?

I simply added and edited several engrams; tested it in the preview mode; uploaded… any ideas?

Crashing in single player mode? Error message or just black screen? Tried to force load a map? Is your level referencing PrimalGameData… and if your PrimalGameData referencing your TestGameMode?

Unfortunately there are many reasons why it works in editor and not live, but the simplest reason is that the editor doesn’t do a lot of the final error checking that live does.

For example if you make a child of consumable_**** you can make a recipe and craft it in the editor, then when you put the recipe in live, the game knows that consumable_**** is not a craftable branch and it will disable/hide the recipe from the structures/inventories and won’t allow the item to be created from cheat giveitemnum ### 1 0 false

You should not get crashes from engrams however, as if the editor doesn’t have an active reference chain it generally won’t even cook and export it, and anything that it does have a reference chain will be exported even if unavailable for crafting/placing

So provide more information and we will try and help =]