[Help]While creating fps game!

Hello there,
As the title says, i need help while creating FPS Game in UE4 xD.
FPS mode in unreal engine is bad because the hand and the wep etc… IK it can be changed but idk how, but the problem in is it possible to be online? and is it possible to add for eG: Inventory / Item Shop this staff? uh, Game points? I need any full tut because i didn’t find any!
P.S: I saw wiki.unrealengine one but its not full too.
If anyone can help me, so it would be appreciated tho!

Sorry for my bad English :v


There are no full tuts about how to make Your game. There never will be. Slow down and learn all that stuff step by step. There are plenty of tuts about basic things. However it is impossible to learn fast about all what is needed to make game, learning all that wil take years, so you need to specialize pick carefully what you love to do most and learn that. Ypu want to make game so i am guessing coding in C++ and blueprints would be where you should start.

I think best start for learning that is blueprints communication, this is first major obstacle in learning unreal coding, so start there.

Like nawrot sayd: there are many great Tutorials out there. Im not the best Coder (Blueprints) but with any little snippet you learn you will be able to do more things. My firts attempt to make a game was terrible. But now, for my Skill, is it much more better.

Learn all Basics even if there are boring. But after that it makes a lot of fun.

Oh and I forgot. Making a game is nothing you can do in a week. My firts working game is just a 3d sidescroller and for a one man Group i worke onit now for 1 year. You have to do all the Models, textures, Gameplay, Sounds and so on.

Begin small and add one new thing at time.

Look at the Unreal Videos on YouTube. These Videos are great.

unreal engine is a good engine for fps. not sure what fps mode youre referring to. there are tons of tutorials out there you will have to put together. you can also buy one of many FPS starters like “generic shooter” which is a multiplayer shooter. you can build up on this and change things so it fits your needs. I think there is also a c++ shooter somewhere out there with a loadout and shop (?). just look into the marketplace. its definitely worth the money.

Thanks all for your comments, but i already watched most of youtube videos about creating game, i created games before, but i didn’t make fps before, So can you give me any video/tut that could help me as a beginning? Also, u didn’t answer my question, is it possible to make it online ? with database etc…?
thanks in advance.

  1. You watched most of YT tutorials? And you are asking if its possible to create it online? Then watch them all again and you will find answer…
  2. You “created games” before… Custom maps is warcraft 3 editor?..

Well if you really want to create game, as said Nawrot, slow down.

First, check all, or most of easy video tutorials made by epic:
Then, recreate this advanced FPS game tutorial:
And then, find some networking informations how to create game online, this will be enough and you will know how to start…

And dont except you can create game in one month, im working in unreal engine 4-5 hours/day half year, and i done maybe 10% of my game…

last edit: in unreal engine is possible everything… but need some skills to do it

Honestly, bro, you helped me alot!
Really, thanks!
If i faced any problem will tell you!