(help) When using my phone items are black?

So I know this will be something wrong with the asset pack (maybe)… So I’m testing out my mobile game and I got the “iconic pick up item” pack from the market place. And I’m using a coin and green gem from it. Everything works in editor but when I launch it on my phone the coin and gem are black. There is no color on them. This pack is said to be used for PC and mobile. I even changed the material and it still shows nothing. What could be causing this?

Hey Dmunoz9226,

Could you please post a question to AnswerHub so that we can further assist you? Please include the type of Android device you’re on, the version of Android, which version of the engine you’re working within and possibly a sample project that replicates the same issue for you.


Maybe the problem is related with “LightmassimportanceVolume”(you dont have it in your map) or “HDR” rendering (try change this parameter in your project settings)

I did them both and when doing so it wouldn’t load my game on my phone even after I turned back to normal so I had to transfer my files to a new blank project.