Help! What is this node?

I just started blueprinting with UE4 and I was going through the animation unreal doc but I hit a brick wall; I don’t know what this node (Blown up in attached picture) is. It doesn’t mention it by name in the doc. I know this may seem stupid, but if you identify this you’ll be my hero.

It’s a “float >” - so when the walk speed is over 160, it will give you a “true” :slight_smile:

And so a hero was born

Many thanks man

When creating your own version, You could also use “Float >=” which means: Is it higher than the value or is it exactly the same as the value.

You might not need to use it but it will save your butt quite a number of times!

Hey Spacecataz,

Everything in UE4 Blueprints are color coded for easy identification. Please see this documentation for a list of various color coded variables. You can use that list as a reference while working on Blueprints.

Colors in Blueprint graphs has a meaning. In addition to variable colors you can also see different colors for Events, Functions etc. For example:

Blue node means its a Function node.
Green node means its a Pure Function which has no execution pins.
Red node means its a Event node.
Purple node means you cannot delete or create it in graph. You can see this node in Construction Script and Functions.
Gray node means they are Flow Control, Macro etc.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: