HELP? What are the requirements to nativize a blueprint ??

Hi… I’m trying to nativize some of my blueprints (using exclusive nativization)… and everything seems to be fine, I can package the game, no errors…
but when I finally launch the game I get and error…(See the image attached)…
**Its frustrating because there is not enough information about this!!.. **
here I’m just trying to nativize 1 character blueprint + 1 interface blueprint.

Until now, I can know that… you can’t nativize blueprints if:
→ use Macros
→ Use structures or Enums (of blueprint type) ??? (I’m not sure about this, just read a reddit post that said this)
→ maybe, I can’t nativize blueprints child of an C++ actor?? because My character blueprint is a child of C++ class…
please help T_T.