Help Weather in Unreal Project

hello friends
i need your help i want to make a game with dynamic weather rain snow sunny night by random time :slight_smile:

You should probably specify what it is you need help with. Show examples of what you have already done and point out what you are having trouble with. People are not going to just provide you with a completed project for nothing.

I’ll point you in the right direction

“How do I create a particle effect that fills the entire level?”

This is purely conjecture, I’m not entirely sure it would work

For the random part you could create an Enumerator blueprint called WeatherEnum . Rain, Snow and Clear would be your bytes.

You would set up a Event Begin Play that triggers a function and then looping timer that triggers the function again every 10 mins or so. Have the function do a random Int in range, convert int to byte and have it set a variable called “Current Weather Report” and put that as the return value. Each byte represents an option in your Enum

After the function on your Level blueprint you would then ->Switch on WeatherEnum and have the variable be “Current Weather Report”. You can create rain and snow in the same cascade system, you can activate and deactivate them as needed.

The Switch on WeatherEnum will have Exec for each of your values. So for Rain Exec you would activate the rain emitter and deactivate the snow emitter. For Snow you do the opposite, for clear you deactivate both.

Day to Night is just adding rotation to the sun per tick or some type of delay/timeline and refreshing the skybox material.

Again, purely conjecture

I definitely would not create a particle effect that fills a whole level. You just want to attach a rain effect to the player character and have the rain appear in an area around him, it doesn’t need to be that big to give the effect that its raining everywhere.