Help: Weapon Switching Issue


I am currently going through the UE4 Blueprint Tutorial 05 - Melee Combat (3/6) by Moize Opel. Fantastic tutorial series by the way. My problem is regarding switching weapons, going from 1-handed to 2-handed weapons, and attacking.

I am having an issue at 10:22. I can switch between stances, no problem. I can do the melee combo with the sword and shield. The issue I have is when I switch to greatsword mode, anytime I attack, I immediately sheath my sword and draw out my greatsword. If I finish the 3 hit melee combo, it still plays the animation. I have been following the tutorial, pausing when needed. I was wondering if anyone could help me with this issue?



This is a follow up to my issue I have. Though I have pictures that may show where I made a mistake.
Here is the Animation Blueprint e76ff4ef99620cf0f9a39a3dac767fec88368f38.jpeg

Here is what one of the transitions is supposed to look like using Ratio time remaining asset(blue node)ed477c29099a39c2156ad5ffdcc71074d5830f01.jpeg

Here is what I have, which is in a green node. 0db9b4b54df4c82f36d536ca0bf35723d3fc60ca.jpeg

Would anyone possibly know why ratio node is green instead of blue?

I am looking at the tutorials on Epic’s youtube channel about Animation Blueprints and Persona at the moment.

I was wondering if anyone could help me out?