Help Wanted for Mobile Game

Hello everyone,
We are a small team of two seeking help for the following in our twin stick shooter mobile game:

  • Texturing
    -Environment Blocking
  • Prop Modeling
    The texturing will consist of 3-6 characters ,2 cars,and 7 rifle weapons. We will provide a sketch to guide you and show you our other characters so you can get an idea of what we are going for. The style of the game is low poly with a surreal-realistic finish. For example, no mans sky, gigantic and battle born.
    -need some simple props teleport pads,item spawners,control panel
    -and walk.idle,4x attack 4x Death animation and maybe a taunt.
    We need this within the next 2 months the latest mid-August
    We are based in NY so if you are too thats a plus.

is this job paid or unpaid ? :slight_smile:

Good question :slight_smile: Also, what’s the turnaround time on this project? Cheers!

need this within the next 2 months

it is paid