Help wanted for Epic Gamer Quest

Hello there my friend Cory and I are making an action-rpg called Epic Gamer Quest and we are in of a team to help us make this game, now my friend Cory is the one that has the UE4 project while I’m pretty much sorta the director and one of the writers of the game now I did make this in rpg maker mz however my friend suggested that the game would be alot more better in UE4 which luckly he had started working on it he’s got some models made and some levels built thanks to the reference I gave him from the rpg maker version, however we need alot more people on board to make this game a reality.

what we need are

3D artists for making 3d models

Programmers to help out with the more advanced programming

Concept artists


Voice Actors

Level designers


Sent a dm