HELP - VR Smooth Rotation: Stationary Rotation Regardless of Player Position Inside of Play-space

I am trying to work on a small VR movement prototype. I am trying to emulate games like “Contractors VR” and “Zero Caliber” and I am having a really hard time understanding what exactly is required for me to implement a simple Smooth Rotation for the player to use without it somehow sending the camera into an orbit-like rotation around the center of the play-space if they step away from the center of their VR play-space.

My problem: When I implement simple tutorials found in forums and youtube videos I can not seem to implement any of them in a way that rotates the player in a stationary position regardless of the player’s position in the play-space.

An example: A typical scenario is standing “against” (parallel with) a wall . If the player is standing in the center of the play-space the camera will rotate in a stationary position and will not clip through the wall mesh at all. However if the player takes a step back inside of the play-space (still standing parallel with the wall) the camera will then begin rotating in an orbit-like nature around the center of the play-space sending the camera through the wall mesh.

My goal: Be able to stand at the corner (or curved spherical edge) of the play-space and to have the camera rotate in a completely stationary position as well as if the player were standing in the middle of the play-space.

Any and all advice/help or feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Character Class

Pawn Class

(the supplied screenshots are just the current state of my nodes for both the Pawn and Character class blueprints I’m jumping between to experiment on.)

This may be the solution I was looking for. I am pretty confident this is absolutely a step in the right direction at least.

“VR Snap Turn with Room Scale Support Tutorial - Unreal Engine 4” - Marco Ghislanzoni