Help! virtual joystick

Hello guys, I am working on a first person shooter for mobile devices. On the left side i want to have the player controller and on he right side the shoot button. How can I do that. I’m having so much trouble trying to solve this. Can someone help with that?

You already said - with virtual joystick. You can modify default touch interface as you wish - add new buttons and map them to.input actions.

But I recommend to use only touch interface in this case. I have weird expirience with combining touch interface and other widgets, it can produce some unexpected results with controls.

Here is my setup for 2 joysticks and 2 buttons for jump and crouch

Thanks a lot, this will help me so much.

Hi, Your Joystick Will Stay On The Screen Even On Main Menu, I Advice Getting An Asset Joystick To Use In Your Project, I Figured The Problem Out Like So