[HELP]Variable is public but MISSING TOOLTIP


Variable is public but MISSING TOOLTIP, i cant call variable on another blueprint,
i am already change my regioan & language but stil the same cant call variable on another blueprint,

i need you help,what i missing?


I get that on mine, all it is saying that you have not written in tool tip, if you write something in tooltip, it will go green which means you can edit it the viewport.

thanks for you replay, still not fix the problem, i still cant call “variableon another blueprint” and still missing tool tip

Hi ,

Tool tip is in details tab. You do not need it if you just want to reference a variable in another BP.


How are you casting?

Thank you for reply, i have been resolved this problem, Thanks for your help Have a good day

I am having the same issue…how you have resolved it?

Hi! Enter something text in field “Tooltip” on “Details” tab your variable.