Help using the maya rigging toolkit


Upon testing the maya toolkit I ran into the problem of getting heavy artifacts on the mesh (

[1] , i think its about the skinning (wich I let the automatic thing do) or skelton placement? idk

Shoulders ankles and ellbow getting completely mutilated when I rotate.

I dont know the consequences of using the different mover modes (for example is using rotation/move along axes a bad idea with the geometry mover and i should only use it to make smaller or bigger?) Why not use aim mode all day? etc…

idk how the workflow should look in this thing if I want to get my own character rigged (the documentation only shows how to make some made up mannequin dude wich I dont need)

I just tried to get the proxygeometry as close as possible to my mesh. But idk, should the proxy mesh cover my character or should it be below it?

I also dont really know where to best put the shoulder, ankle ellbow things. like, middle of ball on tip of ellbow? or catch with the ball the tip of the ellbows rotation and try to mirror it with its surface?

Why is it that if I start animation the shoulders already have artifacts from the start (eventhough nothing in the mesh should be moved?) do any of the steps of the toolkit move the mesh?

Id really like to get into using the toolkit but the documentation is not all that helpful since it only shows what COULD be done (wich is great if i know what im doin) but not what u should and should not do.

Does my character just have the wrong kind of setup? Like should I recalculate somthing like make all triangles or sth?

TLTR: how to use maya rigging toolkit for my own characters

Please can you make your title more descriptive. Thanks.

Those are not artifacts, that is the result of the automatic skinning in Maya which 99% of the time is a mess.

What you need is to search for some skinning tutorials in Maya in order to properly setup the weighting between multiple bones, so that you won’t have those issues anymore.
The proxy geometry is there just to be used on the prototype character, but for a human character the skinning is a completely different story, so don’t rely on that for skinning.