Help using the Animation Starter Pack

I am new to the whole character animation and whatnot and I’m just not sure if the way I’m adding these animations is good or if I should do it completely different.
I am using a conduit and have the main poses saved in an Enumeration.

In the Animation blueprint in the EventBlueprintUpdateAnimation node is where I set the different Enums.

The only way I could figure out how to get a reload working no matter what animation the character was doing is like this, whenever you reload it just changes the blend weights.

My main problems are that I recently just broke the jumping animations somehow so jumping doesn’t work too well and also the reloading is a bit off. Another big question I had is that this animation starter pack has a lot of transitional animations such as ProneToStanding, but I have no idea how to add these animations as transitions between states.
Also there are a handful of specific animations like Reloading while prone or ADS to reload but I don’t know how to use those specific animations under those specific circumstances.
I haven’t found any helpful videos online to cover this.
I’ll take any help I can get, thanks.

You may need to show the jumping part of animation blueprints and the exact problem how the jumping going wrong so the others can help you!

For the transitional animations, try to add a ProneToStand status between Stand and Prone, in which you should change status from prone to it when the ProneStatus is false and go to Stand status when the animation is finished.

For the reload animation in differnet situation, just add more status for differnt situations, like a Reloading While Prone status connecting to Prone status. If you mean reloading while moving, try BlendSpaces to blend the hand animation and leg movements together.

Also, since you are learning with shooter game animations, learn AimOffset in your next stage of learning will help.

What exactly do you mean when you say add a new status, do you mean in my Enumeration? I made two more spots in my Enum for the stand-prone transitions, but I’m still totally lost on how to make this work.
Should I just not be using enumerators? Most of the tutorial videos I’ve found don’t use Enums but they all cover the same stuff and skip all the things I’m asking about here.
Is there a reason why setting the status of my Enum in my character blueprint doesn’t make any difference to the animations? The animations only change if the enum is changed in the animation blueprint.