Help using Steel Series Nimbus Controller with Unreal

I am able to get my Steel Series Nimbus Controller working fine with windows 10, as you can see in the screenshot I will attach. Its a bluetooth device. However I can’t get the Unreal Engine to recognize it to use as a joystick, and I’ve tried to go through as many settings as possible. Does anyone have any information that can help? nimbus.PNG

ue4 does not support MFi controllers but Ketlius has made a pluggin

I can’t seem to get it to work tho, only the thumb sticks work for me (no buttons or triggers)

its a broken link! Do you have another link?
just checked the link works thats all i have, be sure you have a github account

let me know if you get it working
i can’t get the engine built correctly as the releas version is messed up at the moment
it’s supposed to be ver 4.10.4 but it builds a messed up ver 4.11.0