Help Using MIDI controller as trigger


I’m new on Unreal Engine. I’m working with the 4.24.3 version (with the MIDI plugin enabled) and an Akai MPK mini.
I’d like to use my MIDI controller much like a keyboard, with every different keys triggering a different action. I successfully made Unreal recognize the hardware and triggers a print when I interact with it (following thispost ).
However, nothing changes when I turn a knob and while I’m looking for Control ID, I discovered that every pad button had the same ID (which is 0). How may I change my pad buttons’ ID? Is this even possible? Also how may I make Unreal recognize when I turn a knob?

Please note that I have 0 C++ knowledge, I’m only using the nodal interface.

Thank you very much for any help.

The ID is the ID of the device. You need to take the device reference that you got and bind to midi event.