Help us improve the docs!

Hi Unreal Engine community! The Documentation Team is currently running a survey to gather as much feedback as possible about the Unreal Engine docs. We use these responses to plan new features and prioritize highly-requested areas for improvements.

We really want to hear what you have to say, so please take a few minutes to complete this survey](UE-Doc User Survey 2021 - Online Surveys | QuestionPro Survey)and provide feedback. Detailed, constructive feedback helps us create actionable items we can use to improve our documentation.

Thank you for your feedback!


Hi, I took the survey and I tried to be constructive because overall I like UE4 docs and use it a lot.
I only couldn’t leave a constructive or positive feedback about the script on every local .html files inside UE4\Engine\Documentation\Builds\ , as a student I love the possibility to have direct, offline, immediate access to UE4Docs but it could be a way better experience to have this local UE4Docs files clean of any telemetry and tracking.

I did my part :cool:
Just a heads up, looks like i’m no longer able to use the dark skin in documentation :frowning:

Thanks for taking the time and putting together this survey. Responded to every question, and besides some single-choice questions that I’d like to have answered with multiple answers it was a nice survey!

Thanks for taking the survey and filling it out entirely!

Can you elaborate on which questions you would have preferred to be expanded or open-ended? We can consider doing that for some questions in future surveys. :slight_smile:

Thank you for not asking too many questions that we have to fill in ourselves. :slight_smile:

In documentation I would like to see examples using each BluePrints API or code in C++ docs.
In my early days it was good time when you read description of function|API and you have some examples for using it on same page without surfing the internet.

Thank you everyone who participated! We received a lot of useful feedback that will helps us decide how we continue to improve the docs :slight_smile:

Hi! For feedback about documentation, can you please make a downloadable PDF of the current content? I’m sure there’s reluctance bc web docs get updated fairly frequently and it’s tough keeping PDFs up-to-date, but as someone just learning UE4, I would so much rather scan through a single document than jump to individual feature pages for every single thing. Web docs are useful because you can pair with a google search for info about individual items, but a PDF is wonderful as a consolidated, scannable, comprehensive document to reference similar to a handbook.

Stuff like this page: Importing Content | Unreal Engine Documentation just has so much unnecessary splitting of content. “How to import using the import button”, “How to import using right-click”, and “How to import using drag-and-drop” can all live on one page, as controls for the Import action. If your team doesn’t already have a content designer/content strategist, it would make so much sense to hire one if you’re doing any kind of documentation redesign (DM me :wink: ).

I would also super strongly recommend looking at the documentation for Figma, Notion, and Webflow for inspiration - all are much simpler tools than a game engine, but their documentation and structure of their doc pages are the best I’ve seen. Figma, Notion, and Webflow also all have an amazing youtube presence, with lots of feature tutorials, full project builds, and live office hours weekly.

Psi Arc accumulated numerous notes on improving the learning process. Firstly is altering the process so the website can be accessed and steps followed within the engine. And this is a key