HELP UnrealBuildTool was unable to generate project files

I am trying to build engine from the source, and no matter what I do, I always get the same error after executing GenerateProjectFiles.bat. It says that I don’t have VS installed. But I do have and it works with binary version of engine. I have VS 2015 professional update 3.

Does anyone know how can i fix this? I cant go on with my project. I am stuck for couple days because of this.

Thanks in advance.

I forgot to add picture, so here it is.

Have you completed the set up here, the site is designed around VS 2017, but
this link might help with that

and then this UnrealVS Extension | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thank you for your time and answer.
Yes, I did everything that Epic said, and downloaded everything for VS2015, but problem was by my mistake, because i pulled master branch and not release. So if anyone else is trying to pull source using Sourcetree, you will need to expand advanced options and then select release branch. It’s working now.

but this up as a separate answer and how you came to this conclusion please.