Help?? Unreal Engine Editor is finding my VR gear on Startup

I’m trying to launch the Editor (4.12.5) on a machine that has my Vive VR Gear installed BUT not connected, so I can update to the most current version. However the Editor is launching the Vive Control panel (which is reporting that it can’t find my gear (because I don’t have it attached)). When I try to use any of the menu items in the engine, my mouse doesn’t trigger them.

How do I launch the Editor so it stays in the real world and doesn’t attempt to load my VR gear? I’ve tried to launch both by the Epic Game Launcher and via going to the editor and launching manually.

You probably need to adjust the settings for the Vive, rather than something with UE4.

Thanks DarthViper, I’ll check out the Vive groups. I just got the Vive a couple of months ago and still learning the in and outs of the Steam VR settings. Never thought owning VR gear would cause probs like this. (But that’s Steam I guess… LOL)

trying to start game on pc but nothing is happening any one eles