[Help] Unreal Engine 4' eat Heavy Large disk space

Hi !
How big is the Unreal Engine 4’s size??
yesterday I downloaded the latest unreal engine and install it on my system ( Linux) install process is quite tiring because I got various error messages, and finally I managed to install it
but when I finished I was quite surprised and did not think that the installation folder takes up 25GB (initially I only provides 15GB of space for unreal engine)

whether it is reasonable ??

and now my system become slowing down :frowning:

Screenshot from 2016-10-31 19-01-22.png

Sounds like you need to buy another SSD or expand the partition you are on. I haven’t developed on Linux, but on Windows through the launcher it uses a lot of space. Each engine version uses it’s own space, and you will need more space for each project that you create as well.

I would set aside 100 gig or more if you plan to continually develop on that computer.

I’ve personally set aside a whole 1TB drive for Unreal 4 development.

yeah i have 2 Disk Drive, 1HDD and 1SSD, i think 240Gb is enough for my activity, yeah now i just shrink another partition and add it to my linux

thanks for recomendation :slight_smile:

maybe next time I have to buy a new hard drive :cool:

Salutations CZed,

These are indeed reasonable sizes. Also keep in mind that every version of Unreal Engine that you install takes up additional space.
I use a 500GB SSD dedicated to just Unreal projects with an extra 1TB HDD in reserve just in case it fills up.

If you’re going to be serious about making many projects in UE4 I highly suggest setting aside 100-200GB or so just so you’ll be safe for a long time.