help understanding Crossfade by Param Node


So, I am having difficulty understanding how this node works, so let me try and be as specific as possible.

I have a sound cue set up with this node that plays on my map. By default, I see that it takes two audio files as an argument, as well as an undefined parameter. If its possible I’m hoping to set a “notify” within an animation sequence as the parameter, so that when the notify is triggered, the parameter is set, essentially. By default, the node would only play the first audio file in the argument, but when the parameter becomes set, it would crossfade in to the second one, until the parameter is set off again.

The animation sequence is a door that opens and closes periodically, and I am hoping to make it so that the audio cue crossfades in to a different, more detailed sound while the door is open and back to the initial one (first in argument) when it is closed.

I hope I’m explaining this well. If this is not possible in the way I have described, I would love to hear suggestions on other ways I could accomplish this, thank you!

As far as I get it, the inputs of this node are triggered by an integer (/or float) value.
Say you named the parameter “Heartbeat_Pace” and the inputs are loops with different sound files of heartbeats.
You can then trigger this crossfade by setting the the parameter value inside of a blueprint (e.g. Character BP … or in your case a Door BP) like this.


The “Heartbeat Comp” is an Audio Component. I don’t know how to trigger this parameter with animation notifies, but I hope this helps a bit.

ah…that at least makes a little bit more sense, thank you! I’ll play around with this and report on my results :slight_smile: