Help~ UE5.0.3 can't run in macOS 13.0 with 5.0.3

My macos have updated in yesterday, to Ventura 13.0, and xcode was forced to upgrade to 14.0.1, then my UE5 was give me an error as :

Log file: /Users/xuanchaoliu/Library/Application Support/Epic/UnrealBuildTool/Log.txt

Creating makefile for aaEditor (no existing makefile)

ERROR: Platform Mac is not a valid platform to build. Check that the SDK is installed properly.

I can not run UE5 ever :sob:
All my project were in there and I haven’t other computers … pls help me how can I fix that , really thanks

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I’m Having same problem. But my UE5 don’t even start due to error to compile my cpp files.

Do we have any updates to this? I am in the same boat, where macOS was updated to Ventura, and Xcode forced to 14, with no workarounds.

I solved this way: Installing Xcode 13.4.1 (keeping 14v), use xcode-select and point to xcode13, clear all temp files in UE5 project to recompile.