help, ue4 lags a lot

Hi, i’ve a problem:
About 3 months ago, I downloaded UE4, it worked perfectly but my hard drive was malfunctioning. So I bought a new one and I reinstalled windows and all of my softwares.
Since I reinstalled UE4, It lags a lot but my new hard drive is faster, so I don’t understand.
I have a i5 CPU (2320, 3,00GHz)
8gb of ram
NVIDIA GeForce 1050
and windows 10 64-bit

Thanks a lot for your answers and sorry for my bad english.

Your CPU is pretty old, that’s probably why

thanks for your answer, but that’s really strange because it worked perfectly before, with the same CPU…

The only thing in your system which is just OK is your GPU
Your CPU wasn’t that great when it came out and that was 7 years ago.

I had occasional heavy frame drops in the editor at times for no reason even though I had gtx 1080.

For me an update of nvidia GPU drivers to latest version fixed it.

i m pretty sure that they are updated…
the update is to do with the “geforce experience” software isnt it?

up, i’ve uninstalled UE4, and i just downloaded it again, and it worked perfectly for one hour and then (when i’ve putted a trigger box…) it crashed, and UE is very laggy like bifore since that…
If someone knows what happens to my computer…

Hi! Do you have geforce experience installed on your computer? If so, try turning of the “in-game overlay” thing in the settings of Geforce experience. It worked for me when my UE4 editor suddenly started to be laggy for no reason ^^

thanks, i’ll try

it worked for me too,thanks

yup it was totally the geforce experience as soon as i changed some settings it worked like a charm thanks