HELP! UE4 is running on my Computer but on no other! Error 0xc00007b

So I have UE4 running on my pc. All works perfectly. But when I package the game for Windows 64 bit and put it on my second windows-8-64bit-test pc, it says simply “The application was unable to run. (0xc00007b)” I read much threads on the AnswerHub about this, but any answer there were that I have to install Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Redistributables 2013 and 2012. I’ve done. On the Win8-PC, it simply crashes with the same error as before. It makes me really terrifying because I work a lot, and my friend can’t even run it on his Win7-64bit PC, but I can. PLEASE HELP!

Please post this at AnswerHub and give as many information as you can regarding PC specs and crash logs.