[Help!] UE4 C++ Projects on multiple computers

Hey Everyone,

So I got UE4 installed in the default location on my home computer - C:/program files/blahblah - but at work I’ve got it installed on D:/Unreal Engine/blahblah because of the ridiculous level of security restrictions on my computer there.

When I try to work on my C++ based UE4 project at work it won’t build because Visual Studio is trying to find UE4 on C: not D:

Any tips on how to improve the project properties here so that it’ll run happily on both computers?

Have you tried to regenerate the solution files(right click your .uproject file and click “Generate Visual Studio Project files”)? It might fix your problem.
As far as I know, you should put the visual studio solution and intermediate files into version control system, they should be “ignored”. You just generated the solution files on each machine you work on.

Exactly, generate Visual Studio project files for each machine and ignore them from source control! :slight_smile: