Help / Tutorials on creating a prototype horror game

Hello everyone.
For my Games Development course at uni I have to built a small game inside Unreal Engine 4. (I’m using 4.9.2 if that matters) and I have decided to go for a Slender style game in which the player is in a maze like environment and must collect a number of objects to escape whilst an enemy hunts for and pursues them around this maze. I’ve been doing research and tutorials on the engine (Specifically Blueprints) but I still don’t have a solid idea of how I am going to achieve this. I was hoping somebody here might be able to point me the direction of a tutorial which would explain the following:

  1. How to create a switch that the player must walk up and press a button to interact with that will open a door somewhere else within the level by either rotating it or destroying it. This door, like most of my environment, is a BSP if that matters.
  2. How to have an object (Probably just a cube as this is only a basic prototype) move around the environment in a set pattern, but follow the player if they get within a certain distance of him. Also, the cube should kill the player and initiate some kind of game-over / retry sequence if it touches the player.

I’m new to these forums so I’m entirely sure if I’m asking in the right place and if so I apologize, just having someone point out a decent tutorial on these would be incredibly helpful.
Thanks in advance.

Okay first of all, I would not use a BSP for the doors. Try using blueprints and model some simple shapes. Here’s a tutorial on how to open a door via blueprint and a brigger volume:

And here’s one to create a light switch:

this seems counter intuitive at first, but if you understand both of them you should be able to use that knowledge to build a switch that opens your door. :slight_smile:
And that’s basically it, try to find tutorials that do part of the stuff you want to achive and combine it in a way that suits your needs.

As for your second question. You might want to take a look at this tutorial series:

It sounds like you need some kind of AI to do what you’re trying to do here.