[Help] Trying to make a voxel blueprinted

Hi, im new in this i i need some help.

Im triying to make a Voxel game based planet(like SOA but in other direction), i searched for all type of info in internet but theres nothing, a few samples of c++ code that i dont understand.
Please dont say me “download this plugin” i knew brick game and others, I WANT to make my own blueprinted code.

First of all, i dont know c++ or c#, thats because i want do it via blueprint(i saw varius example of people do it).

Need help/orientating to:
-Make the mesh(cube in this case)(i already saw procedura mesh).
-Make a 3d grid to put the blocks(and then allow to procedural generate the terrain).
-Make a quad tree based planet(based in torus?)(if there a better choice say me(octree?).
-The rest of thing i can make it myself :slight_smile:

Thx for reading.And please help me.

Edit: if anyone can teach me in UE4 i will be gladed for life.(because there are a lot of functions and i dont know what they do or what they are individualy for).Already saw all the videos of unreal tut in youtube.