Help troubleshooting seams in modular walls

I’m hoping someone (or some people) in the community may be able to help me out with a problem I am having. I am new to level creation, have taught myself blender and am now learning how to import my meshes into UE4 to set out, texture and light my levels. All is going well so far except I am having trouble with some visible seams in my small bedroom environment. I am assuming it is a lighting issue and that maybe my lightmaps (created in Blender) are not working well. At first I though it was my wall texture not fitting together over my wall pieces but I have now set out a world aligned texture for my walls and I am still having the issues. I could just build the walls so that the pieces meet on an edge except that I want to be able to have my wall edges beveled so they are not sharp, meaning I need those particular wall pieces to wrap around those corners so I can bevel. I have seen people create and light modular walls and environments and they don’t seem to have this lighting issue and I can’t find any answers so pls pls can someone help lol.


I don’t quite understand what your issue is precisely. Is it the white colour on the left side of the wall?
Maybe take a far picture of the *seam *on the mesh so we have some context to work from as well as some pictures of the UVs associated with the mesh.

A wireframe view would also be nice since you talk about a specific way your geometry is modelled

Furthermore, what do you mean by “…pieces meet on an edge except that I want to be able to have my wall edges beveled so they are not sharp”?

I think you’ll need to model a corner piece of a wall in a whole mesh instead of having edges of two wall meshes meet or converge near/at the corner. Otherwise, it’ll require beveling both pieces of the wall accurately enough so it’s the bevel that’s intended. Another thing is in applying the bevel, be careful about entirely new edges getting generated in the geometry and splitting at certain parts. It especially occurs when subdividing.