HELP: TriggerVolume event, getting player info

Hey unreal forums! I’m trying to create a trigger volume that can return player info, specifically their name, but I’m honestly unable to get any info at all. Am I missing something? Please help if you can.

Well, that’s not a lot of information to go on.

At any rate, add a sphere, box or whatever shapes there are as a component, and make sure it’s set to “Generate Overlap Events” - done on the components tab for the component in the details section - then in the graph select the component you just added, right click and add a OnComponentBeginOverlap event, from there, click and drag the Other Actor pin and cast that to ShooterCharacter - here you can pull from the result of this cast and grab the pawn/survivor name “Player Name” or, after that, grab the player state from the result and cast that to ShooterPlayerState and from that result pull the Player Name variable again and this one will return the Steam Name.