Help triggering animations correctly in a state machine


I have two animations for my char (really I have more but it’s enough to explain my question) : “running” and “run_to_stop”. “Running” is a loop animation and it’s associated to a state. I have another state “stop” which has the “run_to_stop” animation associated. The condition to go from running state to stop could be speed == 0 (for example).

My problem… I have to link the first frame of “run_to_stop” animation exactly to the last frame of “running” animation but obviously the running state may end at any part of running animation so when then run_to_stop animation plays the result is not correct.

Any tip to force running state to wait entire animation before go to stop state??


In videos 16-20 of this series, Zak sets up a punching animation that loops forever until told to stop. I believe this is the same situation you’ve described above in that stopping the punch has to wait until the entire animation segment finishes before stopping -or it would jerk back to the start position.

Be advised that where he creates branch points in the videos is now handled by creating notifies in the notify slot and then designating them as montage branch points in the description of the notify (There is an updated series that will be published soon.) Other than that it works the same.


I would do in between state wit the running to stop, when that is complete automatically transition to the stop state.

Thanks Steve! I will check this videos!

Anadin, simple solutions usually are the best solutions. I did not think about it but I will check it too. Thanks!