Help to new user with project file management

Hello fellow users. Iam fresh architect who is trying to push his ability to showcase projects in more realistic way. Iam now in process of learning UE 5 on my for-fun project so no pressure to mess up now. But I have problem which could get much bigger in future commercial projects.

For many of you its probably given, that this is how file management of project works but i have hard time understanding it and working with it. Its about where and how is my project saved.

I made a project with architectural template and its file XXXX.uproject and from what i understand its just initial project file where are my project setting etc. But its not my last saved version.

When i go to Unreal Project Browser the project is not there in „recent projects“

So i have to browse and find my project file and only one i can open is the XXXX.uproject but its not the one with my last saved progress so then i need to go (now in UE edditor) Edit > Open level > and go to last saved version which is XXXX.umap. And i cant open this file in UE5 so i have to do this wierd workaround.

Right now when iam compiling my problem to write it here i kind of understand how it might work.

I have Project (XXXX.uproject) which could have different levels. I have one level because thats all i need for archviz and that is XXXX.umap. Right?

Do i really need to open XXXX.uproject first and then through that open my level?

If iam missing anything important about project file management please tell me. And thank you very much for time of whoever might answer me.

Hello Ludarix, welcome to the Unreal community.

You have a few questions so to stay on subject, I will quote the question with an answer:

Yes. You need to open the uproject to access the maps, and blueprints for functionality and editing.

This question is a bit multi faceted it really depends on how heavy your map is in regards to performance. This can be affected by lighting, shaders, and meshes. I will leave you some great documentation on level instances for performance.

I hope this helps.

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