help to learn step by step: Movement

Hi guys,

Im trying to learn how to use UE4 (as a lot of you of course), but (same as a lot of you) im having little problems to advance logically.

what im doing? trying to make a snake game very very simple. what i already do? i have a static mesh that i can move with mi wasd input, but basically copying the BPs of guys that try to help on youtube.

the problem is that i feel like im just copying, and obviously it isnt learn, is just copy. So, here’s my questions:

1.- how do you learn to use the functions available in the blueprints? i think this is the core of my problem. Obviously the functions are my lego pieces, but i cant understand how it really relacionates each other or with the elements on the game… is there some manual that describes in a nice way what specific functions does?

2.- how can i understand, as an example, the movement mechanics of the engine? as an example, in my “snake game” (wich in this moment is a nothing game xD) i can move the “head” of the snake (just a cube static mesh) up, down, left and right, but i dont really understand how can i make the movement like in “frame rate”, or how can i make that when i press “w” it continuously moves forward… i dont want to you guys tell me how to do it, i just want how can i figure it out…

(i think this procces can be replicated to all the other components that the engine gives me to make games like camera settings, AI, etc…).

3.-** if im understanding correctly, the base of any game in UE4 are: game mode, level blueprint and class blueprints**. Im learning too some c++ so i understand clearly the concepts (like classes and so).* is there some very very generic concepts that i may be missing?*

I think that there is a looot of tutorials but no one makes you really to learn something that you can apply after by yourself in different ways (like my example of the snake movement).

sorry for the big brick that i wrote jajaja, just wanted to learn and make things fun as you are doing now… Thx!!! (and sorry the bad english too :P)

In order to truly advance logically, you should be familiarizing yourself with Object-Oriented Programming concepts, as pretty much all of those still apply to blueprints, as blueprints are a form of a programming language. Here is an article that outlines some of the concepts, I suggest you read pages 2 and onwards: Programming Concepts: A Brief Tutorial for New Programmers – Tutorials
Just note, if statements are represented by ‘Branch’ nodes in UE4 (took me days to figure that out).

Maybe you should give my tutorial series a try (for just a few episodes), I explain everything that I do, and do everything live (I don’t plan things and then copy-paste, I do everything with you live and talk about what I am doing). Many beginners have given great feedback of my series (though the first 3 or 4 videos had bad audio quality)

Thx! well, i already made a snake and a pong game with c++ in consoleaplication (compileing in visualstudio 2013), i just comment it to argue about my programming skills (very limited, i was trying to do some “galaxian game” when i knew that UE4 is free and just forget it… in that moment i was thinking to learn stl).

Thats a nice advice… i saw branch a lot of times in tutorials but didntreally understand what they were… thx Jamendxman3!