Help to Grab a Ragdoll

Hi all!

I’ve been playing around with Physical Animations the last few days, and I’d really like to figure out how to build grabbable ragdoll characters…
I’m currently just using a Physical Animation component and enabling physics on all bones of the Skeletal Mesh.

  • First I tried using a Physics Handler to grab a bone, that didn’t do anything.
  • Next I tried using a Physical Constraint. It’s holding something in place, but still doesn’t quite do what I’m looking for. Plus I believe it’s impossible with a Physical Constraint to move the constraint around, so the mesh it’s holding is moved along with it?

I’m quite sure I’m doing something wrong here. Can anyone help me out figuring out what I’m doing wrong?


I’m 100% not sure that any of this will work right with Chaos.

It used to be hell to set up on physX, but it worked.

What is your current progress/thinking on it?

I would suggest starting off with picking up the PHAT asset in the window and making sure it can actually be picked up by the extremities in Chaos.
Kind of move on from there.

Socketing used to work nicely.
A character in a ragdoll state (simulate all bodies below) is usually completely reactive to any outside interaction unless you put it to sleep.

Thanks for having a look. It seems I had to use the Physics Handle and set the soft limits more tight or not use soft limits at all. Before it just fell down, but now it’s being grabbed as expected!

However, for UE5 alpha, the physics seem to be a lot more buggy, so I’m sticking to UE4.26.2, which is giving very steady results.


Chaos is still chaos - and the performance differential between physx and chaos is still :poop: in .27

Makes me wonder how any projects started in the last year on ue4 will ever make it to market…