Help to Find Green "Set" Node

I am working through character movement creation in blueprint visual scripting using these instructions: I am stuck on step 3 (Finishing Character Setup) #10. I completed step #9 in which I dragged the JogPressed variable and CrouchPressed variable into the graph; however, for the node network setup in step #10, I do not know how to get the green “set” nodes (containing MaxWalkSpeed and Target) to appear. The red JogPressed Set node appeared when I dragged JogPressed into the graph. Should the green Set node have automatically appeared at some point or am I missing a step in finding it/adding it? Thank you for your help!

You can just find the variables you need to set in the left hand panel and click and drag them into the graph and it will ask you if you want to ‘get’ or ‘set’
Are they not there in the left hand panel somewhere?

Also try rigth clickign and typing the name of the variable and you should get the option to Get or Set it

Hi , variables have a “type” (the baloon can be yellow for vectors, red for booleans…)
and an a “owner” (unreal is context sensitive and nested, you find different nodes in different places, and pinning different things)

MaxWalkSpeed is a variable of the MovementComponent, so to find it you have to
Drag the movement_component inside the graph, and pinning out the blue pin , search in the search menu the MaxWalkSpeed.

Thank you both for your help! I ended up finding it by pinning out the blue pin on ‘character movement’ and searching for MaxWalkSpeed. Now I can move on with my project! Thank you much!