Help to check every piece of a puzzle

Hello everyone, i made a puzzle based on this video: UE4 tutorial: How to make a simple puzzle game - YouTube , now I need to check if every piece of this puzzle to make something in the map, i need that every piece in the pod, is on. So I made this on the screen capture, but this is not working, anyone have an idea?

After your getAllActorsOfClass you call only get(0), I think you need to Loop Over the Array and Check ALL tiles

And how can I loop over all the array? Using the function “For each loop”?

Yes you’ve Made IT already in Screenshot 3. Not Sure If this is the fix but it Kind of Looks Like. At the Moment you are only checking the First tile, but I guess you would Like to Check all of Them. So for each Over the array, Check the bool variable and If all true you want to have the Level solved, I guess