Help to animate mouth.

Anyone know how to animate mouths?
I have a made character with sealed lips i really need help do i have make a hole in the mouth to animate or what?
Someone help please.

This is probably the wrong thread for this question. To animate a mouth, yes you will have to make a hole with an inner mouth cavity for tongue and teeth. You will also need to create a facial rig to make the animations.

i know it’s the wrong place but i really needed to know thanks for the help!

Go and ask this in either the animation or content creation part’s of the forum.
The answerhub is a nice place to. Also, I don’t know how to do that yet! So go ask were I told you so people who know can tell you! :slight_smile:

It would help to know what software you’re using, different software means doing things differently.

Look up blend shapes, or shapekeys (the term depends on the software you’re using) Reading up on it can help narrow your question, which helps everyone find your solutions faster.

Here is a similar topic that may have some useful information: