Help The game Module 'Shootergame' Could not be Loaded.there may be an Operating system error

The game Module ‘Shootergame’ Could not be Loaded.there may be an Operating system error or the module may not be properly set up…

This is the 3 time i have download the Dev kit help!

The procedure entry point?IsTargetable@AActor@UEAA_NXZ Could not be Located in dynamic link Library UE$editor-Engine.dll

I can get the dev kit to run It just don’t have anything in it

Im getting the exact error similar to this steam post:

I had the same problem yesterday, redownload the zip fille and put them in you ark devkit folder in the coresponding files.

That is likely due to you not having the entire set of plugins and binaries (or at least the most up to date version) from the github. Follow steps here:!

Iv installed the release several times, moving the devkit /Engine into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ARKDevKit\Engine

no problems updating untill recently

Then verify your dev kit install and copy them over once more to be sure (and double check you copied over the github directory correctly by checking the folder structure in your install). If that still doesn’t work, you will need to backup your mods, saved, and modtools folders; delete everything else, and reinstall it. :confused:

It’s working now guys Thx you all… You all rock for helping! soon i will post some work of the Mod or Team is working on

Drathek was spot on with his suggestions, but I want to add to consider checking AV’s as well (doubt this is the issue in this case) to make sure they didn’t quarantine the files by mistake. I’ve seen this happen with a few people now, and just want to throw that out there in case that is the culprit for someone else.

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