(Help) Text dialog during cut scene?

So I am wondering is there a way to have a text dialog of 2 characters having a conversation during a cut scene? Not sure if this is were I would ask. But figured if there is it would be with BP.

You could create a widget that’s a part of the HUD. It could have a text box and only appear when an event is fired (say: character talking event). Then you would populate it with a string, or rather, various strings. So it’s empty (and therefore invisible) until you call that event, but each time you call the event it prints a pre-defined series of strings to that text box. I have NO IDEA if that will work but hey, it’s better than nothing.

I will try that next time. I found a way to do what I needed…But it was very time consuming. Haha. I’m sure if this works it’ll possibly be easier and take less time than what I did. Thanks for the help. Like you said it’s better than nothing.