(Help) Tethering Characters to Each Other?


I’m working on a project where 4 player characters are onscreen and tethered to each other. Well, I would be working on it if I could figure out how the heck to actually tether the characters :-p.

So what I need to have happen is:

  • The four characters (we’ll call them Green, Blue, Yellow, and Purple), are tethered to each other.
  • Each character can only move a finite distance away from the other characters they are tethered to
  • When a character hits that finite distance away from the other characters, they don’t pull the other characters along and can no longer move away (they can still move back near the other characters)

I’ve tried using a physics constraint with no luck. Does anyone know of a way to actually get the ball rolling on this? It’s been nagging at me for days. I’m using the thirdperson template, though I’ve removed the attached cameras.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can point me in the right direction!