[HELP T_T] Actors becoming invisible for no apparent reason

Some time ago I decided to experiment with the Post Processing features in the Camera settings for my player character.
Playing around with every usable option and find out what will work and what will not work on a android device.

End result; almost nothing. Well, at least for my Samsung S4 Mini.
So then I tested it on a Sony Xperia Z2, and it resulted in this funky issue:

When the player shoots (like on this pic)

Everything at first seems fine, however after the 4th or so bullet actor is being spawned, EVERYTHING (expect the player, the background and the UI) turns invisible.
The collisions remains working. It is not that the collisionbox is pushing the camera away or doing something similar and this does not occur on ‘older’ devices such as the Samsung S4 Mini.

When the player decides to hold down his finger on the screen to shoot, after a second or 3 everything becomes visible again. However, if you move the finger over the screen, the issue occurs again.
So unless you hold down the finger to shoot, you won’t see a thing unless you won’t shoot at all.

Of course I attempted different things to solve this, all post-processing features are disabled and only some devices show this issue.

Does anyone have a suggestion I can try?

It’s weird since it’s not occurring on every Android version (Samsung S4 Mini = 4.4, Sony Xperia Z2 is 5.0 or 5.1)

This may be a driver issue. Sony Xperia Z2 has an Adreno 330, the S4 Mini is Adreno 305. You could try using the Adreno GPU profiler to look for differences:

I found that in the Camera options, Post-Proccessing Blend Weight to be set to 1.0 by default.
After setting this to 0.0 and updating the APK/OBB, the issue was solved.