Help Sword Collision and Animation


So I have everything set up. I just need my sword to do damage.
Secondary problem. When I attack I dont go back to my SpaceBlend

I did the animation by doing Left click - Play Animation So If thats wrong let me know!

Be Descriptive and use pictures please!

Maybe you should be more descriptive about what you have done and what not? :smiley:
Solving your issue might be easy, but there is no way knowing if this information is all you provide.
I mean: I you really would have set everyting up, you would not have any issues at all, isn’t that right?

He’s asking for help to implement damage to an enemy character/pawn

There are many ways to do melee damage, so US choosing one way for you is not the best.
You’ll need to figure out which you need for your game.

I can see by the video you are just attaching the sword mesh to your character at the beginning/start up of the map, so I have a perfect tutorial for you right Here

Go watch this tutorial series and by the time you’re done, you will know what you need to know!
I say this because that’s how I was able to get these results.

But he is also saying that he has trouble with his blendspaces, doesnt he? So he would need to show his set-up at least
Btw, great tutorial series :smiley: Tyvm!

you’re right!

I guess we will need to see some screenshots to figure it out :slight_smile: